You Need to Protect Your Rights in a Personal Injury Case

When you are involved in an accident, whether it is a slip, trip and fall accident, animal bite, motor vehicle accident, or other accident related injury, where another party was negligent and responsible for the accident and your injuries, it is important you protect your rights. It is not uncommon for the other party’s insurance company to contact you directly and want to start negotiating on a settlement.

Things To Do Following a Car Accident

Stay Calm – As much as you want to scream, yell and/or cry, staying calm is the best option for your own safety and for your health. The moments following a

Dog Bites and Attacks

Animals cannot be held responsible for their own actions and unpredictable behavior. As such, the onus falls upon the pet owner in the event of an attack. While it is hard to imagine that a dog could cause any harm, in reality many people are injured every year as a result of dog bites and attacks. Some attacks can lead to serious disfigurement and scarring, leading to years of physical and emotional pain.