Received a STD or LTD Denial? Learn what to do.

Your employer may wholly or partially fund, group disability benefits for you, as an employee. These benefits are meant to protect you in the event you suffer an illness or injury and are unable to work. This is a form of group insurance and is governed by an insurance policy. For this reason, the contract (insurance policy), is the key tool in determining your entitlements. Consult a licensed associate at Grillo Barristers to interpret the contract for you and argue for every last penny owed on your behalf.

Can I represent myself after an injury?

During our free consultation with potential clients, we are often asked if retaining a law firm is really necessary to obtain fair compensation. In Ontario, injured people can bring a claim for damages without a legal representative. This is known as self-representation. While you have the legal right to represent yourself, managing your own claim while trying to recover from any injury is extremely challenging, expensive, and complicated. Most importantly, failing to get proper legal advice at the outset of a claim can prejudice your right to financial recovery.

How to choose personal injury lawyers

Suffering a personal injury as a result of another’s negligence such as in a car accident or slip and fall can be an overwhelming experience. Moreover, recovering compensation from the insurer of the other party or company may seem difficult or at times impossible. But do not be discouraged! Here are some general guidelines on choosing the right personal injury lawyer for your case.

Toronto Personal Injury Law Firm Offers Clients No-Obligation Legal Advice

Grillo Barristers is pleased to provide a free initial consultation in relation to your personal injury case for prospective clients. The law firm specializes in the field of personal injury law and related legal services. Their Toronto personal injury lawyers offer current and prospective clients with easy access to qualified and skilled legal advice and representation.