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Joseph Giuliana

LL.B., B.A. (HONS)

In 1997 Mr. Giuliana obtained his double Honours B.A. in psychology and criminology from York University. In 2002, he graduated with his LL.B. from Queen’s University School of Law. As a law student at Queen’s, Mr. Giuliana took part in the Correctional Law Program – representing Federal Inmates before the National Parole Board of Canada, Institutional Disciplinary Hearings and Inmate Appeals.

He articled with Thomson Rogers, a civil litigation law firm in downtown Toronto and was called to the bar in 2003.  He then practiced law as a civil litigator with Rafael Partners LLP for a short while, until joining Edward Greenspan’s office as an associate criminal lawyer.

At Greenspan’s office, Mr. Giuliana worked on several high profile trials and appeals to the Ontario Court of Appeal and to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Mr. Giuliana has almost exclusively practiced criminal law, with a focus on large complex gang prosecutions, homicides, major drug & wiretap cases and litigation under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.   From June of 2009 until March of 2011, he was selected to join a seven member team of lawyers hired by Legal Aid Ontario to challenge one of Toronto’s largest and most complex Guns & Gangs wiretap cases (Project Kryptic).

In October 2013, Mr. Giuliana joined Grillo Barristers P.C. as trial counsel to the firm, while continuing to manage his criminal law practice. Mr. Giuliana is eager to apply his criminal law trial experience in the civil litigation context

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