Juliano  Pichini

J.D., B.A.(HONS), M.Phil.

Juliano received his J.D. degree from the University of Windsor in 2016. He also earned an Honours BA and Masters of Philosophy from York University, graduating summa cum laude in both degrees.

During law school, Juliano worked as a senior group supervisor at the Community Legal Aid clinic in Windsor. He went on to complete a clerkship at the Ontario Court of Justice during his final year.  He also represented Windsor Law in the Ontario Trial Lawyer’s Association Moot Cup, where he was awarded the H. Bruce T. Hillyer Prize for Best Closing Argument.

While in Windsor, Juliano volunteered at Pro Bono Students Canada and co-chaired the Windsor Law High School Outreach Program. In 2015, he published and presented a report on behalf of the Multicultural Counsel of Windsor-Essex, investigating tort liability of healthcare providers. For his community involvement, Juliano received the J.W. Whiteside Award for Outstanding Service and Community Advocacy.

Juliano enjoys hiking, cycling, reading poetry, being useful to others, and philosophizing with friends.



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