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Cassandra Rondana


Cassandra Rondana joined the team at Grillo Barristers in February 2014. She graduated from York University with a B.A. in Psychology.

The psychology of law was one of her interests throughout her education and has given her insight on how to deal with clients involved in personal injury. She is very sympathetic and passionate about helping others going through difficult situations.

Cassandra’s role as intake manager involves being responsible for and managing all new clients. She uses her background in psychology in order to relate to all of our clients and help them through the situations and challenges they have been faced with.

Prior to joining Grillo Barristers, Cassandra was in the Health and Wellness Industry and has over 5 years of client care experience. She hopes to use her previous experience and knowledge to help all of our clients get started on the road to recovery.


George-Ann Watt, 入职员
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