10 Facts about Brain Injuries you should know

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10 Facts about Brain Injuries you should know

More than 50,000 Canadians suffer head and brain-related injuries every year. In case you are shocked by such a high number, you are not alone. For most Canadians who have not sustained any form of brain injuries and whose friends and families have been lucky, brain injury might sound like a remote possibility or something that happens to ‘other people.’

However, brain injury doctors, lawyers, and victim advocates know differently. These injuries range from mere concussions to life-threatening injuries like traumatic brain injuries. Brain injuries can happen to nearly anyone, from elite athletics and students to senior citizens. Here are 10 facts about brain injuries you should know.

  1. The yearly incidence of a brain injury in Canada is about 44 times more common compared to spinal cord injuries, 400 times more common compared to HIV AIDS, and 30 times more common compared to breast cancer.
  2. More injuries categorized as traumatic brain injuries (TBI) occur every year than incidences of multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, and spinal cord injury combined. Each of these illnesses and injuries deserves the attention they receive from the modern medical community and media. Similarly, brain injury advocates and lawyers want to see this type of injury get the same attention.
  3. Traumatic brain injuries are among the top causes of death and disabilities among Canadians under 40 years. In fact, more than 11,000 people die every year due to traumatic brain injuries, no matter the cause of the injury.
  4. Over 50 percent of injury-related deaths and disabilities among young Canadians are linked to traumatic brain injuries. Approximately 30% of all TBIs occur in kids and the youth. The main cause of these injuries is participation in sports & recreational activities. While participation in various sporting and recreational activities is great for kids’ social and physical well-being, appropriate safety measures should be implemented.
  5. Among young people, men are twice as likely as females to sustain brain-related injuries. This might be the result of a high participation level in organized sports activities or young men’s tendency to get involved in risky activities such as reckless driving. There’s no gender gap among older brain injury victims.
  6. Vehicle accidents cause over half of traumatic brain injuries in Canada. Most personal injury lawyers are familiar with the damage vehicle accidents cause every year. So, improved road safety measures such as reduced speed limits can help minimize the incidences of traumatic brain injuries.
  7. After the first brain injury, you are three times more likely to suffer a second injury and about eight times more likely to suffer other types of injuries. The dangers associated with head injuries are well-known, thanks to the awareness of concussions.
  8. Generally, concussions are brain-related injuries. You do not need to be knocked unconscious to get brain injuries. First-time concussions are usually considered ‘mild’ traumatic brain injuries that might damage your brain even at a cellular level. Recurring incidences of concussions can result in severe, lasting impacts.
  9. Every severe brain injury costs the Canadian medical system over $400,000, and that is only at the time the brain injury takes place. People who suffer lasting symptoms are likely to continue costing the system a similar amount each year. When combined, spinal cord injuries and brain injuries cost the Ontario Provincial government between $2 billion and $3 billion every year.
  10. A recent report from Brain Injury Canada suggests that about 20% of individuals in a forensic psychiatric setting in Ontario have a history of brain-related injury. Other studies have revealed that about 50% of the homeless population in Toronto and 44% of inmates in that region have traumatic brain injuries. The reality is that the impact of traumatic brain injuries is diverse and lasting.

It is essential to mention that brain-related injuries claim thousands of times more lives each year than cold and flu viruses combined. Yet, these injuries get far less funding nationally. Canadians should start to understand the financial, social, and physical impact of brain-related injuries. They should also start taking the right measure to prevent these injuries.

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