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In this section, we will look at the different options you have if unable to work after a car accident. We will highlight options of disability benefits that you may qualify for such as CPP disability benefits, EI benefits, and income replacement benefits provided under the Statutory Accident Benefits. We will then guide you on how to seek legal help from a car accident lawyer.

What to Do if You Can’t Return to Work After a Car Accident

Serious car accidents can change your life forever. Even if you’re lucky enough to survive, you may never be able to lead the same kind of life you did before the car accident. From outrageous medical bills to job loss, pain, and suffering, car accidents come with extreme life alterations. For sole breadwinners, the loss of a job is the most damaging consequence of all.

If you’ve had to take time off work because of serious injuries that you sustained after a car accident, you have options like long-term disability benefits or income replacement benefits. Talk to your car accident lawyer to help protect your rights and ensure you are adequately covered for loss of income. We’ll go over the different options you have when unable to work due to serious injuries or disabilities as a result of a car accident.

Canada Pension Plan: CPP Disability Benefits

Individuals who are under the age of 65 can make regular contributions to the Canada Pension Plan to qualify for CPP disability benefits if involved in a car accident that renders them disabled. You can only qualify if the injuries have resulted in a ‘severe and prolonged’ disability. You must also have contributed to the plan in 4 of the last 6 years or 3 of the last 6 years (for those who have contributed for more than 25 years).

Employment Insurance Programs

An insurance program offered by your employer may have some form of disability benefits. To qualify, you will need to have been employed at the time of the injuries, have had your regular earnings per week reduced by more than 40% and meet the sickness benefits qualifications.

Income Replacement Benefits

These are provided under the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule which is a mandatory provision in all car insurance policies. For the next 104 weeks after the car accident that resulted in disability, you will receive payments every two weeks through your insurance policy. This benefit is designed to replace part of your lost income and has a limit of a maximum of $400 per week. In most cases, the amount you will qualify for will depend on your yearly income.

Get the Help of a Lawyer

Determining the amount of disability benefits you qualify for after a car accident can be difficult if you choose to do it alone. It’s highly recommended that you work with an experienced car accident lawyer who will help you navigate all these options. A lawyer will not only put up a strong case to prove your disability but also ensure that you get fully compensated for all losses incurred.

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