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Professional and Thorough Personal Injury Lawyers in Etobicoke

If you are involved in an accident and sustain serious injuries due to someone else’s negligence or recklessness, do not expect the at-fault party or their insurer to help you with your expenses or bills. Their insurer will be notified and will start to immediately prepare to investigate and defend against your claim. Our Etobicoke injury lawyers can help you prepare your case, and cover your medical and health expenses and access to income replacement benefits available under your own insurance policies, while we advance your claim. Our firm has prosecuted more than 20,000 claims over the years and helped secure a full and fair compensation for our clients including all the expenses related to the accident.

Personal Injury Practice Areas

At Grillo Barristers, we don’t just settle for an initial settlement offer without finding out if it’s a true reflection of all the expenses you are likely to incur. Our lawyers will do all the legwork to get an accurate estimate of the short-term and long-term costs related to your injuries. We will help you to obtain a full financial recovery that can cater for surgical expenses, physical therapy, hospital bills and at-home care among other costs.

Catastrophic Injuries

Injuries such as brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and amputations can have devastating effects on the lives of the victims. They often result in significant lost wages and high medical bills. It is grossly unfair to leave this burden to the victim or their family. Our team of lawyers specialized in catastrophic injuries are dedicated to help you. Our firm will ensure you receive access to income replacement benefits and payment for all medical and rehabilitation expenses, while we pursue your claim.

Automobile Accident Cases

If you have been involved in a serious car accident and suffered injuries or inconveniences because of someone’s negligent actions, you have a right to claim compensation for all of your losses and damages, to be put back in the position you were in before the accident occurred. We are experts when it comes to prosecuting automobile accident claims and seeking settlement for automobile accident cases.

Long-term Disability Insurance

When you take up disability insurance, it should be there when someone becomes sick or is injured and unable to work. However, you may be caught up in a situation where the insurance company has denied your claim due to one reason or the other. We can represent clients from the moment the claim is filed to appealing if the claim is denied. Our specialized disability insurance lawyers will fight for you to reinstate your wrongfully denied benefits or seek a lump-sum settlement for the benefits available under your policy.

Slip and Fall Cases

If you are injured on another person’s property and want to seek compensation, you must show that the property’s owner or tenant knew or should have known about the dangers in the property and did nothing to fix it. There are many other factors that need to be evaluated such as how long the situation has been present and the conduct of the injured person. Our injury lawyers understand occupiers’ liability law and can help you pursue your claim and get fair and complete settlement for slip and fall accidents.

Insurance Disputes

After a house fire, you lost your home and valuable property but you probably hoped that the insurance company will stand by your side and help you put your life back on track. Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t always pay policyholders fairly for their losses.They may often try to rely on fine print wording in your policy and use legal arguments to deny you what is owed to you under your policy. Insurers are often more interested in maximizing their profits than and paying claims. We have extensive experience in assisting residents and property owners who struggle with insurance companies whether due to unpaid property damage claims, delays or underpaid claims.

Product Liability Claims

If a product has an inherent design or manufacturing defect, you may be entitled to seek compensation by file a product liability claim. You can obtain settlement for the injuries sustained regardless of whether the product was manufactured, bought or sold in Canada. The claim is filed against the manufacturer, distributor or seller of the product. Our product liability lawyers have helped clients throughout Ontario including Etobicoke to recover compensation from injuries that were sustained as a result of defective and dangerous products.

Wrongful Death

Our law firm has more than 30 years of experience representing families who have lost loved ones in fatal accidents. Proving wrongful death claims can be complex in every shape and form. The law permits recovery of all heads of damages on behalf of immediate family members, under the Family Law Act, including payment for loss of care, guidance and companionship, lost wages, medical bills, and costs of care.

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