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Grillo Law Personal Injury Lawyers in Mississauga

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Personal injury lawsuits can be very complex. No two situations are alike and hence skilled legal representation is required to increase your chances of success. Personal Injury Lawyers in Mississauga have successfully represented thousands of clients in all kinds of cases involving wrongful death, catastrophic injuries, slip and fall cases, and denied disability claims among others. Whether you want to pursue compensation for yourself or a loved one who was injured as a result of someone’s negligence, we are here to help.

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Francisco Harris
Francisco Harris
10:06 15 Dec 18
Salvatore Grillo went above and beyond to achieve a better result then I could've imagined. His wealth of experience and passion is evident. I would highly recommend him as personal injury lawyer!
Curtis Wendell
Curtis Wendell
07:00 19 Sep 18
I hired Salvatore Grillo for a personal injury/slip and fall case. I had a severe injury to my ankle that required two surgeries that left me with a plate and six screws. The insurance company was offering a ridiculously low settlement so they encouraged me to take it to court. I am thankful that they did! Anytime I had questions, Sal would take the time to explain the law to me in terms that I understood. He was very professional, supportive, and informative through the whole process. I was amazed at how much time and effort he put into presenting my case. Highly recommended!
Jesus Hicks
Jesus Hicks
14:52 15 Dec 18
I would highly recommend Salvatore Grillo and his team! I'm so thankful and appreciative of all the hard work and hours he put into my case. He is absolutely amazing at job and at being a great caring person!!
Reginald Brewster
Reginald Brewster
02:24 26 Nov 18
I would like to thank Sal and his team for all their hard and effort in securing a favourable settlement in my car accident injury claim. It was always easy to communicate with Sal. He was always prompt in replying. Besides the fact that he is very knowledgeable, he always took time to listen to my thoughts and feelings and acted on them. Thank you for everything, Sal!
Chris Rexford
Chris Rexford
01:58 27 Nov 18
I was very impressed at how friendly and helpful everyone was at the office even when handling cases involving minors (my sister). Although there were a few delays in our case everything was otherwise handled efficiently and professionally. I am very glad to have gone with Grillo Barristers and would definitely recommend choosing Salvatore Grillo.
Robert Pigg
Robert Pigg
15:54 19 Jun 19
I would like to thank Grillo Barristers Lawyer Rachelle Mitri for all her excellent work in fighting for my claim. She kept me 100% updated and in the loop as she fought and WON my case. Thank You for the great work.
Louie Everett
Louie Everett
06:42 20 Jun 19
Just had a meeting with Sal Grillo. He was very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable about my claim. I look forward to working with Grillo Barristers.
George Wills
George Wills
16:19 20 Jun 19
Gave them a call looking to get some information on small claims court and joe walked me through a lot of the steps and was incredibly helpful!
Myrna Anderson
Myrna Anderson
08:57 24 Jun 19
Sal was very accommodating, allowing us to sign our paperwork on a Sunday. Thank you for your time. Highly recommended for those 9 to 5 workers who do not have time during the week!
Fannie Randle
Fannie Randle
23:46 16 Jul 19
Great staff and legal team, Mr. Salvatore Grillo helped me settle my case in just a few weeks. I would HIGHLY recommend this firm, to anyone who is looking for a top notch lawyer that will give you their utmost attention and treat you as if you were family.
Tory Edwards
Tory Edwards
08:02 22 Jul 19
I've used this law firm two times, both when I was hit by drivers turning right on red light. They are professional, experienced and competent. They've negotiated with my own insurance company and that of the at fault drivers to get my medical bills paid and with something left over to (in the most recent accident) compensate me for the almost three years that I was laid up. Everyone at the law firm was concerned for my welfare and put me at ease. I would definitely use them again if the need arose and I would not hesitate to recommend them.
Oliva Gagnon
Oliva Gagnon
06:00 12 Sep 18
Salvatore worked on a case for my mother (she got stroke by a taxi driver who tried to leave right away but other people on the street did not let him do so) and we were extremely pleased by his professionalism. He is an effective lawyer that always kept us updated on the status of the case. I would highly recommend Mr. Grillo for his services to my friends and family
Nicole Sluss
Nicole Sluss
01:15 31 Jul 19
I experienced a ‘slip and fall’ with a bad injury to my wrist/arm. One firm I contacted was very patronizing and told me I did not have a case. At the suggestion of my nephew, I contacted Grillo Barristers office for another opinion. Sal Grillo was my lawyer and last week we settled the lawsuit. I was so pleased with the thoroughness, kindness, compassion and professionalism my husband and I experienced. They were always there to answer any questions and help us as we moved through the legal process. I totally recommend Mr. Grillo firm and thank them from the bottom of my heart.
Scott S
Scott S
08:55 02 Aug 19
Quick, efficient and great to work with. They helped me resolve my case and I was very happy!
Marcus Stahl
Marcus Stahl
02:58 04 Aug 19
I had an auto accident claim in which Adam Moras from Grillo Barristers settled my case in a reasonable time frame. He made my life easy and less stressful by taking care of everything involving my case except the repair. Any time I called or emailed I received a response or talked to him immediately. I was greatly satisfied with his representation and the amount of my settlement actually exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Adam and his assistants Janelle and Veronica for any personally injury cases if you are in need of an lawyer... thanks for doing a great job Adam!
Edward Shaw
Edward Shaw
03:48 05 Aug 19
Incredible staff and lawful group, Mr. Salvatore Grillo helped me settle my case in just a few weeks. I would HIGHLY recommend this firm, to anyone who is looking for a top notch lawyer that will give you their utmost attention and treat you as if you were family.
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Grillo Law offers free initial consultation and we work on a contingency fee basis. You won’t pay any fee unless we recover compensation for you. Our firm will work around the clock to ensure our clients obtain the maximum recovery they deserve. We take time to prepare your case, review your claim with you on an ongoing basis and advance the best possible claim for you. We truly understand the key to successful outcome is to foster a strong lawyer-client relationship at the very outset.

Our Practice Areas:

We have successfully obtained the settlement for cases involving brain injuries, catastrophic claims and serious motor vehicle cases. Every case is different and will require a legal strategy that is unique to your case.

Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries are serious injuries that result in permanent and disability. We understand these injuries have devastating physical, psychological and financial implications on the victims and their families. We have represented hundreds of clients who have suffered spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, burns, organ damage, amputations, and serious fractures and joint injuries as a result of another party’s negligence. Our goal is to recover compensation to help you get proper and specialized treatment and rehabilitation, and coverage for the loss of earnings while we pursue your claim under the full extent of the law.

Automobile Accident Cases

If you have bee involved in a car accident and undergone financial strain, pain or emotional suffering, we can help you get the maximum car accident settlement possible. We will explain to you how the car accident claim works. If you have suffered an injury or inconvenience because of someone’s negligence, then you have a right to seek a settlement in order to get your life back on track.

Long-term Disability Insurance

Long-term disability insurance cases can be quite complex. You may have a chronic condition that is unlikely to improve and the insurance company refuses to honour your policy or pay you for any expenses. Don’t be too quick to take the lump sum before you decide if the settlement is right for you. We can offer you sound legal advice to ensure you get the settlement you deserve.

If you feel like your long-term disability insurance company hasn’t given you full or fair benefits, talk to our lawyers today to find out what is your next course of action. We have years of experience handling insurance disability disputes and understand the law and legal strategy and foresight required to take on your disability insurer in Court. We will work with you to ensure your insurer reinstates your benefits or provides you with the best possible settlement outcome.

Slip and Fall Cases

Slip and fall accidents are quite common today. They can happen at a friend’s house, in a commercial or public property. In some cases, the owner of the property is responsible for the accident whereas in others he/she cannot be held liable. We can help you to prove liability for slip and fall injuries.

Wrongful Death

You may have lost a loved one due to a tragic situation that occurred because of someone’s negligence or reckless conduct. Wrongful death cases are among the most complex personal injury claims we handle. A fair and full settlement will help the victim’s family or the surviving loved ones to deal with the financial burden arising from the incident.

Insurance Disputes

At Grillo Law we can assist in a wide range of insurance disputes. We have handled complex insurance claim settlements protecting the rights of our clients by making sure they receive just enough compensation for their losses or personal injury damages. Remember that insurance companies are in the business of making money and want to give out the smallest payout to victims unless faced with a strong, specialized and resourceful legal team. Talking to a lawyer regarding your case can help you secure the most benefits from your insurance company so don’t be quick to settle for the initial offer.

Product Liability

We’ve handled numerous product liability claims in Mississauga. If you suspect that a manufacturer, retailer or distributor is liable for your injuries due to negligence, talk to us to help you explore your options. Whether the product was flawed and manufactured according to defective specifications or poses potential hazards to users, these cases need to be properly represented to give the victim a full and fair settlement. Manufacturers are liable for damages if the users suffer injuries because of their negligence.

How can we help?

If you would like to speak to our personal injury lawyers for sound legal advice or to answer your questions, get in touch with us today. We’re ready to represent you and provide all the legal assistance you need to ensure justice is served. Get in touch with us today.

The lawyers and team at Grillo Law is proud of its history of representing clients in Mississauga, Ontario for over the past 30 years. Here are a few reasons why so many relieved clients in your community have and continue to choose us to represent them in their personal injury claims:

Our Experience

At Grillo Law, we have over 30 years of experience in the personal injury field and have successfully prosecuted over 15 000 claims before the courts in Ontario. Our track record of success is evident and we have successfully represented our plaintiffs in every stage of litigation, helping reach settlements for our clients in excess of hundreds of millions over the years. We are proud of the work we have done and the success we have achieved in fighting for the rights of those who have been injured by third party negligence.

Our Resources and Dedication

One of the key advantages of seeking a respected and successful firm such as Grillo Law is found in our extensive network and available resources. Over 30 years, our personal injury firm has developed a strong team of experts including surgeons, pain and trauma specialists, psychologists, physical therapists, rehabilitation specialists, and countless others. Where the success of your case hinges on getting the right and proper medical prognosis, rest assured that the team at Grillo Law has your back.

Furthermore, the financial and time resources of a large firm will ensure that a prepared team is ready to do whatever is necessary to help achieve a fairer and better settlement for our clients.

You are also unlikely to find a team of more dedicated, focused, and talented staff. Our standout advantage and the reason why we are the first choice for clients in Mississauga, Ontario is because of the unparalleled expertise of our legal professionals. We have some of the most dedicated and hardworking legal minds in the area who are passionate about strategizing innovative legal arguments, addressing each individual client’s unique case needs and resolving your claim in your favor.

If you or a loved one have been recently injured in Mississauga, Ontario, and you are unsure of your legal rights or just looking for an informed opinion, do not hesitate to contact Grillo Law for a free consultation:
+1(855)CALL-SAL (+1 855-225-5725).

We are the premier personal injury firm in Mississauga, Ontario, and we are ready to help you!

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Car accidents lawyers in Mississauga

Will cannabis legalization lead to more car accidents?If you or a family member were seriously injured in a car accident in Mississauga, you may be entitled to compensation from both your insurer and from the at-fault motorist’s insurer. You need to understand all scenarios and situations where you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries, losses and damages.

The best success in cases can only be ensured through skilled legal representation.

Grillo Law are known as one of the leading car accident lawyers in the GTA including Mississauga.

We specialize in car accident claims, slip & falls, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, catastrophic determinations, product liability, and short term and long-term disability claims.

For over 30 years, the team at Grillo Law has taken on insurance companies to protect the people that cannot protect themselves. Call now at (416)-614-6000 to schedule a no obligation consultation with a car accident lawyer in Mississauga who can answer your questions and offer you sound legal advice.

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Remember, you will not pay any fee until your case is won or settled.

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