Why SEO is not a “set it and forget it” strategy for law firms

When you work with a reputable agency like dNovo Group to optimize your law firm website, expect your traffic to soon start streaming in with little effort. However, this doesn’t mean that your work is completely done. While SEO is a longer-term traffic-driving strategy compared to other marketing options like paid ads and social media posting, you must think of it as an ongoing initiative to keep your pages on top of SERPs.

Establish your law firm as an authority in your practice area

Your law firm website should focus on a specific niche or practice area. Presenting yourselves as a “jack of all trades” can hinder your traffic and prospects. If you cater to different practice areas, you might want to create multiple websites, each focusing on a specific niche. This not only gives your firm credibility among potential clients but also shows other law firms that you mean business. Focusing on one niche also gives you more visibility online as it sets you apart as a specialist in your practice area.

There are several ways that you can help establish your firm as an authority in your community. Guest posting in popular legal sites is a great way to share your professionalism with a larger audience and get quality backlinks to your law firm website. You may also consider attending industry events or getting your name in local publications that show you’re a professional in your field. You can use blogging to solidify yourself as a powerhouse in your niche.

Get More Local Clients with Local SEO

If someone is looking for a legal service in their local area, the first thing they’ll do is check on Google. In fact, leads from people who are actually in a specific geographic area you serve are more valuable than traffic that’s coming from a wider region. It’s actually less competitive to rank for these localized keywords than broad keywords with lots of competition. If you’re not optimizing your law firm website for geo-specific search, you’re probably leaving a lot of money on the table. Start with simple steps like making sure your firm is listed on all popular legal listing websites.

Good SEO Converts Traffic into Leads

To start with, there’s no use in having lots of traffic on your law firm website if these website visitors don’t convert once they get to your web pages. SEO allows you to do more than just send traffic to your pages. A good long-term SEO strategy will not overlook key areas such as:

  • Creating compelling call to actions to enhance conversions
  • Optimizing all website copy to entice both search engines and users
  • Optimizing call buttons and form fills
  • Updating content to avoid static pages that don’t consistently drive traffic to your website

While these areas might seem unimportant, working on them will give you a direct return on investment. Your law firm will not only receive traffic and visibility but will be taking calls and closing deals.

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