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Traumatic Brain Injury

The financial and emotional impact that a traumatic brain injury can have on a person and his or her family can be devastating.

Brain Injury Types and Symptoms

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are caused by either open or closed head injuries. Open injuries relate to the scull being fractured whereas closed injuries relate to the skull remaining intact.Quite often, closed injuries are more threatening than open injuries due to the sorts of complications that can develop. For instance, there could be brain swelling or blood clots with closed head injuries.

If you or someone you know has sustained trauma to the head, monitor them for any signs of:

  • severe headaches
  • confusion
  • unusual fatigue
  • weakness/numbness on one side of the body
  • nausea and dizziness

TBI cases are far more complicated than other personal injury cases. As such, it is imperative to discuss your situation with a trained legal professional as soon as possible. Grillo Law has years of experience in handling complex TBI cases.

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