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Zenan Babb

Licensed Paralegal

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Zenan Babb became a licensed paralegal with the Law Society of Upper Canada in 2007, she joined the firm in early 2017 after working for a number reputable firms throughout her career. Zenan’s family members were involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident, which was the catalyst for her to pursue a career in personal injury law sphere. The experience inspired Zenan to become devoted to advocating for others who are unfamiliar to the process of Motor Vehicle Accident Claims. With more than a decade of legal experience Zenan possess exceptional knowledge in litigating Accident Benefits Claims, with profound finesse in alternative dispute resolution and negotiation. This area of law is one she passionate for and dear to her heart.

Team Members

Andrea Di Gennaro, Law Clerk

Manal Rahman, Law Clerk

Jenny Molina, Law Clerk


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