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At Grillo Law, we deliver results when it counts. We help victims of personal injury and their families get sound legal advice and assistance to protect their rights at each and every stage of the claim.

Best part, you don’t pay unless we win.

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    About Us

    Professional Personal Injury Lawyers in Etobicoke

    If you are involved in an accident and sustain serious injuries due to someone else’s negligence or recklessness, do not expect the at-fault party or their insurer to help you with your expenses or bills.

    Their insurer will be notified and will start to immediately prepare to investigate and defend against your claim. Our Personal Injury Lawyers in Etobicoke can help you prepare your case, and cover your medical and health expenses and access to income replacement benefits available under your own insurance policies, while we advance your claim. Our firm has prosecuted more than 20,000 claims over the years and helped secure a full and fair compensation for our clients including all the expenses related to the accident.

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    Remember, you will not pay any fees until your case is won or settled.

    Why Choose Us


    We are experienced, dedicated, and compassionate personal injury lawyers in Etobicoke. Let us help you protect your rights and interests when you file a personal injury claim. If you’ve lost finances, your health has deteriorated, or property damaged as a result of another party’s negligence, we’re here to help you.
    • Injured people are our expertise since 1984

      At Grillo Law, we’ve represented more than 20,000 claims in the last 3 decades. Our practise areas include premises liability, slips and falls, medical negligence, wrongful death, defective products, dog bites, car accidents, catastrophic injuries, among others. We pursue advocating for the rights of injured individuals in Etobicoke. We are proud to have obtained millions of dollars in settlements for our clients in Ontario.

    • We have enough resources to deal with insurance firms in your favour

      Since insurance companies are in business, it’s safe to say that they don’t have your best interests at heart, especially when it comes to personal injury matters. Large insurers will hire the best lawyers, adjusters, and investigators to ensure you get paid as little as possible for your injuries. We encourage our clients not to sign any paperwork with an insurance company or waive their right to compensation before speaking with a lawyer.

    • Large injury law firm in Etobicoke

      With over 30 years’ history as a successful personal injury law firm, we have invested in all the resources required to fight some of the largest insurers in the region. We apply extensive care and dedication in every case regardless of its size to ensure a favourable outcome.

    • Our lawyers care and always will

      At Grillo Law firm, we believe that the best way to measure our success is through the happiness and satisfaction of our clients. We have regularly obtained excellent results for our clients by treating each case with utmost care.

    • Contingency retainer approach – you pay only when we win

      Many people enjoy our professional legal services even when they cannot afford to retain our experienced lawyers. We prefer a contingency approach. This simply means that you can have our lawyer represent you without having to pay any upfront fee. The fee needs to be paid when we recover money from your claim. The amount of compensation you receive will depend on the specifics of your case.

    • No risks are meant to be faced

      When you come to us, we don’t ask for any upfront payment or retainer fees. You get a free initial consultation, and once we agree to move ahead with your case, we work on a contingency basis. You’ll take no risk as far as your finances are concerned, because no payment is required until your case is resolved.

    • Enjoy initial consultation for free

      Many of our clients come to us in their most uncertain time of need. We welcome them with open arms and offer a free initial consultation to understand their case better. We always take time to reassure our clients and do all it takes to ensure justice is served. Our lawyers work promptly and diligently on every case.

    • Every client becomes a part of our family

      We pride ourselves on the consistent level of professionalism that we provide to all our clients. While every case is different, we believe each client needs to be handled with dedication and compassion. We will welcome you to be part of our family and remain in your corner until you get the best possible outcome.

    • We work side by side with qualified medical professionals authenticated by the right courts

      We have partnered with some of the top-rated medical experts in Etobicoke. These professionals help us gather adequate information to prove our clients’ injuries and ensure their rights are protected. With Grillo Law by your side, you have a team of experienced and passionate professionals to get you everything you deserve.

    • Great reviews we earn with each win

      Our law firm has been rated highly on Google. We stand by the originality and authenticity of these reviews. A lot of our business has come from previous clients and lawyers who recommend our services to others. We are passionate about personal injury law and have dedicated our lives to represent clients the best way we can.

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    Our Services

    Etobicoke Personal Injury Lawyers Practice Areas

    At Grillo Law, we don’t just settle for an initial settlement offer without finding out if it’s a true reflection of all the expenses you are likely to incur. Our lawyers will do all the legwork to get an accurate estimate of the short-term and long-term costs related to your injuries. We will help you to obtain a full financial recovery that can cater for surgical expenses, physical therapy, hospital bills and at-home care among other costs.

    Etobicoke Catastrophic Injuries

    Injuries such as brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and amputations can have devastating effects on the lives of the victims. They often result in significant lost wages and high medical bills. It is grossly unfair to leave this burden to the victim or their family. Our team of lawyers specialized in catastrophic injuries are dedicated to help you. Our firm will ensure you receive access to income replacement benefits and payment for all medical and rehabilitation expenses, while we pursue your claim.

    Automobile Accident Cases in Etobicoke

    If you have been involved in a serious car accident and suffered injuries or inconveniences because of someone’s negligent actions, you have a right to claim compensation for all of your losses and damages, to be put back in the position you were in before the accident occurred. We are experts when it comes to prosecuting automobile accident claims and seeking settlement for automobile accident cases.

    Long-term Disability Insurance in Etobicoke

    When you take up disability insurance, it should be there when someone becomes sick or is injured and unable to work. However, you may be caught up in a situation where the insurance company has denied your claim due to one reason or the other. We can represent clients from the moment the claim is filed to appealing if the claim is denied. Our specialized disability insurance lawyers will fight for you to reinstate your wrongfully denied benefits or seek a lump-sum settlement for the benefits available under your policy.

    Etobicoke Slip and Fall Accidents

    If you are injured on another person’s property and want to seek compensation, you must show that the property’s owner or tenant knew or should have known about the dangers in the property and did nothing to fix it. There are many other factors that need to be evaluated such as how long the situation has been present and the conduct of the injured person. Our injury lawyers understand occupiers’ liability law and can help you pursue your claim and get fair and complete settlement for slip and fall accidents.

    Etobicoke Insurance Disputes

    After a house fire, you lost your home and valuable property but you probably hoped that the insurance company will stand by your side and help you put your life back on track. Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t always pay policyholders fairly for their losses.They may often try to rely on fine print wording in your policy and use legal arguments to deny you what is owed to you under your policy. Insurers are often more interested in maximizing their profits than and paying claims. We have extensive experience in assisting residents and property owners who struggle with insurance companies whether due to unpaid property damage claims, delays or underpaid claims.

    Product Liability Claims in Etobicoke

    If a product has an inherent design or manufacturing defect, you may be entitled to seek compensation by file a product liability claim. You can obtain settlement for the injuries sustained regardless of whether the product was manufactured, bought or sold in Canada. The claim is filed against the manufacturer, distributor or seller of the product. Our product liability lawyers have helped clients throughout Ontario including Etobicoke to recover compensation from injuries that were sustained as a result of defective and dangerous products.

    Wrongful Death Cases in Etobicoke

    Our law firm has more than 30 years of experience representing families who have lost loved ones in fatal accidents. Proving wrongful death claims can be complex in every shape and form. The law permits recovery of all heads of damages on behalf of immediate family members, under the Family Law Act, including payment for loss of care, guidance and companionship, lost wages, medical bills, and costs of care.

    Get the Answers you are looking for!
    Call our Etobicoke law office today to get all the answers you need for your personal injury case. We are fully capable to represent you through any injury you may have suffered.

    Our Experience

    At Grillo Law, we are proud to have served our community in the last 30 years. We strongly believe in the importance of working to ensure everyone can access proper legal representation, especially when it comes to personal injury matters. We have represented clients in all types of claims, from car accidents to medical malpractice and wrongful deaths. Our lawyers are skilled negotiators and very aggressive litigators.

    We work seamlessly to ensure you get rightfully compensated for your injuries. With our many years of experience in this field, the chances are that we have handled a case just like yours. We represent clients in Etobicoke and throughout Ontario. Whether you’re not sure if you have a valid claim or maybe you’ve been injured, and you don’t know if your claim is worth pursuing, we’re here to help. Our experienced lawyers will briefly assess your situation and determine if you should take legal action.

    Our Resources and Dedication

    Grillo Law is a highly established and renowned law firm serving Etobicoke and beyond. We work with a respected team of experts such as surgeons, psychologists and rehabilitation specialists who play a huge role in helping our clients recover and helping our team fight for your rights to secure a fair and just settlement. We work with the best to deliver an unmatched legal service to every client. As a successful personal injury law firm, rest assured that you’ll get access to a wide range of resources which contribute to the success of your case. From securing proper medical prognosis to addressing common case difficulties, Grillo Law has got you covered.

    When you hire our legal team to handle your personal injury claim, expect to enjoy the time and financial resources that an established law firm offers its clients to help them succeed.

    You Can Trust Our Expertise

    At Grillo Law, we understand first-hand how insurance companies and their lawyers handle any disputes brought against them, especially on personal injury and property damage. The 3 decades of combined experience enables us to quickly evaluate your claim and devise a solid strategy to ensure it’s resolved promptly and to your satisfaction. We know how insurers and their lawyers think and how they work. This knowledge comes in handy when pursuing your case.

    To start with, you get personal attention in your legal matter. Your lawyer will work directly with you throughout the representation. Our lawyer will maintain constant communication with you and be ready to provide regular updates and answer any concerns you may have. Because of this hands-on approach, we are regarded as one of the top personal injury law firms in Etobicoke.

    We offer free consultation and we’re always ready to assist +1(855)CALL-SALL (+1 855-225-5725).



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      What our clients say

      Maxim Abdulahad

      I have had the pleasure of having Bianca crocetti and Lisa donsah working on my case. I was injured in a car accident and they have been patient and understanding with me. They have been a great help I am so grateful for them fighting for me! Truly a blessing to have them on my side and fight for me. They have made this stressful time a little easier for me. WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO ANYONE!

      Vincent Soto

      Grillo Law is an all-around outstanding Law Firm. When trying to obtain accident benefits I needed help, and called Grillo Law. Right from the start of working with them, I received incredible service. All of my questions were answered with care, and I was always kept up to date on the case. Their help was much appreciated.

      Troy Brewer

      Both myself, and some members of my family have used Grillo law for a variety of personal injury cases. We all agree they are such amazing lawyers who want the best for all of their clients. From my experience, they put my well-being first and ensure that the outcome of the case reflects that.

      Robert Omara

      After I got into a motorcycle accident I contacted Grillo Law. They were both professional and kind throughout the entire time I worked with them. They had a lot of knowledge and I could tell they were confident that everything would work out. I owe them a big thank you for their help.

      Richelle Mantias

      When I had a vehicular accident, Grillo Law gave me an amazing service experience. Yalini and Devika handled my case very professionally and helped me with all the process which I had been given the chance to receive every health benefit that will help me from my injury and gave me an excellent advice for the compensation that I had to deal with. I highly recommend this law firm.

      Dilshan Gomes

      Grillo Law handled my spouses’ personal injury claim with immense professionalism, providing great results. I would recommend this firm to all. Thank you Moussa and Michael for your dedication and hard work.

      N Morgan

      I was in a car accident and recently settled. Rachelle was EXTREMELY PROFESSIONAL!! She recently became a new mommy and still made sure to keep up with my case and ensured I received the max we could aim for. Even tho there’s no money that can take away the results of an accident it’s nice to know there is someone in your corner to assist you in the process of having to deal with a case. Thank you Rachelle!!!!

      Arash Farazmand P.Eng.

      I am writing on behalf of my mother, who hired Grillo law for her accident file a year ago. I just wanted to recommend this firm, specifically Devika’s team, for your accident file because she has an assistant who is Ata, and he has answered all of my mother’s questions with patience and makes her calm. I am pretty sure Grillo can settle my mom’s file very soon.

      Aleksandria Dimitrova

      I have nothing but amazing things to say about Grillo Law. The lawyers and Paralegals who work here are fantastic. Bianca has been my paralegal for my MVA and she is professional, supportive, and extremely helpful. This has meant so much to me during this difficult time in my life and I would have never received the treatment I needed without her care and knowledge. At a time when I suffered a myriad of injuries, their guidance was the beacon of light in the darkness. I would have never been able to navigate this without them.My lawyers, Mikolai and Lamisa have helped me extensively with my Tort claim and I am also extremely thankful. I would highly recommend all of Grillo’s lawyers and paralegals for any case. True professionals.

      Priscilla Bekoe

      Grillo Law Personal Injury Lawyers provided my case with exquisite client care. They gave my case the best outcome and strived hard to help me obtain the maximum settlement. They were extremely efficient, approachable, detailed, professional and supportive throughout my entire case. I would recommend Grillo Law to absolutely anyone looking for a lawyer!

      Nayeem Mohammed

      This is the best law office in Canada, I have got good experience with lawyers and employees very good service. thank you keep it up

      Jessica Navelgas

      Exceptional law office with excellent service. Devika and Moussa went above and beyond to help with my car accident injury case. You can always count on them to be there for you. I highly recommend this team to anyone dealing with injury. Once again Thank you for everything. You guys are the best!

      Mina Gbobo

      Thank God I chose this firm. Andrej was so professional. My settlement was just right.

      Loo Jonah

      Rachelle took a good care of my bike accident claim. Solid 5 stars and recommended.

      Godley Lesley

      Three months ago, I was hit by a truck when crossing the street and suffered a broken neck. I’ve been through a long and painful recovery process since, it really helps to have Maria handling my claim since at least there is some weight off my shoulders. I feel like she’s been doing an great job this far making sure the compensation I am getting is adequate to what I went through.


      My family and I are truly grateful for the professional care we received from Devika, Moussa, and Yalini. Dealing with an MVA is stressful, I can’t imagine how difficult this would have been if my family did not have them in our corner. Thank you to Grillo law firm for the hard work and dedication to your clients, I am really proud of the legal representation we received throughout the years.

      Attilio Valente

      Outstanding help from Grillo Law. Mikalai Chapurny represented my case and I would to thank him and his colleagues with my slip and fall claim. They kept me up to date until the case was settled.I found Mikalai to be very professional and efficient with this case and I appreciate what he’s done for me and the outcome.

      Ida Green

      Very happy client here! My case was taken care of by Lamisa, she has proven herself being dedicated to win and stayed on top of things throughout the whole process!

      Luongo Leonard

      Thank you for your help Chris, my mom and I are finally able to put the accident behind us, very happy with the result.

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      4.7 Grillo Law Personal Injury Lawyers


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      • Carla

        I recommend Grillo Law to anyone. The special lawyers support me in everything.

      • Brandy

        He walked me through the entire process. It really felt like I wasn’t alone.

      • Andrea

        Feedbacks from satisfied clients who have experienced our exceptional service and successful outcomes in their cases.

      • John Fernandes

        I would definitely recommend them. They made me aware so many aspects of case that was so helpful.

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