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Qualified Torn Ligaments Lawyer in Toronto

If you have torn ligaments that were caused by another party’s negligence, you have options. Don’t sign a settlement with your insurance company before you consult our experienced catastrophic injury lawyers in Toronto. At Grillo Law, we fight for accident victims and their families to ensure they’re getting everything they deserve. We can help you seek compensation for any serious injuries just as we’ve helped many other Toronto residents.

What damages can you claim?

If you have sustained a torn ligament, there’s a lot that you can’t do. You may be wondering if you’ll manage to pay bills, sustain your family, or just go on with normal life if this disability is permanent. This anxiety may interfere with your recovery and cause serious mental issues that impact your overall wellbeing. We can help you seek damages for:

  • Pain and suffering including mental anguish

  • Medical expenses (the ones you’ve paid and any future medical expenses you’re likely to incur)

  • Loss of wages (including lost earning capacity if the disability is likely to be permanent)

  • Household services (if you can no longer take care of your household as a result of the torn ligament)

Torn ligament injuries

Ligaments are special tissues that connect two bones together or a bone to cartilage. Ligaments can experience different forms of damage including overstretching and tearing. Overstretching and tearing of ligaments can occur when there’s a forceful movement for instance after the impact of a car or motorcycle accident. A slip on the sidewalk can also result in an impact that tears the ligaments. When the ligaments are overstretched or torn, the injury is commonly referred to as a sprain. Sprains can cause severe pain, swelling, and bruising. In some cases, they cause immobility and the person is unable to resume day to day life activities including work.

Some common types of ligament injuries that we’ve experienced at Grillo Law include:

  • Ankle and wrist sprains as a result of a fall or motor vehicle accident

  • Whiplash and neck sprains

  • Torn foot ligaments

  • Knee ligament sprains

  • Torn meniscus

  • Back sprains

Sprains and tears vary in severity. A mild ligament injury may not cause any joint instability and the pain goes away with time. However, the most severe ligament tears, classified as Grade III are characterized by a significant rupture of the ligament that causes a joint disability. The person may not be able to put any pressure or weight on the affected area for a long time. That part of the body can easily become unusable in Grade III ligament injuries.

Working with a lawyer

A good lawyer can help look into possible forms of compensation if you’ve suffered torn ligament injuries and need help catering for medical expenses and replacing lost wages. We can help you claim short term or long-term disability benefits if the torn ligament injuries prevent you from working. Talk to our personal injury lawyer in Toronto today to help you file a claim if your injury is the result of an accident for which another party may be legally responsible.

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