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A catastrophic injury can change you or your loved one’s life forever. It can occur from any activity but often can often result from a violent motor vehicle accident. The injury will often involve serious physical injury such as a spinal cord or brain injury as well as serious emotional harm.

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Catastrophic Injury Lawyer In Toronto

At Grillo Law, our catastrophic injury lawyers understand that when you or someone you care about has sustained a severe injury, recovery should be your only concern.

Our catastrophic injury lawyers understand the legal, financial and personal hardships you and your family are facing and will protect you and your family to ensure you are provided with the medical and rehabilitation treatment necessary to help with your recovery. We will protect your rights and pursue the compensation you need to rebuild your life after a catastrophic injury.

Our team of catastrophic injury lawyers work with leading medical health providers, surgeons, life care planners and economists whose expertise lies in helping victims of catastrophic injuries including brain and spinal cord injuries.

If you or a loved one has suffered severe physical, cognitive, neurological, mental and behavioral impairments, we will work hard to ensure you are provided with the best use of attendant care and support services to ensure you have access to around the clock care to maintain your safety and well-being.

It is important to know your rights.  Unfortunately, when it comes to motor vehicle accidents, your right to fair compensation has been compromised due to legislative changes to make significant reductions in medical, rehabilitation and attendant care benefits available through your accident benefits carrier. This makes it all the more important for you to work with an experienced team of lawyers and medical professionals to ensure your benefits are protected.

We understand the legal process can be complicated and at times overwhelming. Our goal is to relieve some of the stress you are feeling by coordinating tasks and providing you with a team of medical specialists to help you navigate through the process step by step.

The catastrophic injury lawyers of Grill Law can help you and your family receive compensation for damages such as pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, future healthcare costs, loss of income, home and vehicle modifications.  We will fight vigorously to help you secure the maximum benefits and compensation that you and your family are entitled to.

At Grillo Law, we have over 30 years of experience litigating claims involving catastrophic injuries.  We can help you better understand the law and assist you in recovering the compensation that you deserve.  If you or a loved one have sustained a catastrophic injury, call Grillo Law at  416 – 614 – 6000 for a FREE consultation.

Remember, you will not pay any fees until your case is won or settled.

Types and Level of Catastrophic Injury

At Grillo Law we often assist clients with a particular type and level of accident injury that is classified as a “catastrophic injury”. Catastrophic injuries describe those injuries which, according to the law, have an element of serious debilitation and impairment which meets the legal criteria under the Ontario Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS insurance framework) to be classified as a catastrophic, and therefore deserve extra compensation to the victim for their injuries and ongoing care. As a practical matter, injuries which severely affect brain function, spinal functions, or motor impairments (such as paraplegia, quadriplegia, amputation of limbs, or loss of vision) can qualify under this categorization. However, injuries that also result in severe psychological impairments can also qualify.

Whether an injury can be classified as “catastrophic” involves mixed tests of law and medical evidence along prescribed thresholds. For example, under the Ontario SABS a catastrophic injury that results in a “Physical Impairment” must pass a 55% impairment threshold of the person’s whole body, as decided by a medical professional.

Here at Grillo Law, we understand that the average claimant is often unsure about the legal tests to be met or otherwise preoccupied with their immediate financial situation and recovery needs, to fully appreciate the challenges of dealing with their insurer, the law and the schemes of legal classification. Therefore, we offer our services as we have over 30 years of litigating catastrophic injury cases and have the resources and expertise to devote ourselves to assisting catastrophically injured clients in developing a legal plan of action that is both mindful of their situation and helps expedite their path to recovery.

This classification of injury status is particularly important for two reasons. For one, if a client has a catastrophic injury, we make sure to exercise due and special care in working with the individual in developing a sympathetic, expeditious, and efficient plan of action in order to allow him or her to focus on recovery. Secondly, catastrophic injuries will allow individuals to access further and more substantial insurance compensation for future treatment and attendant care under the Ontario Accident Benefit statutes by triggering access to their insurance policy limits. As a result, there is much at stake for a catastrophically injured claimant, both from a personal and legal standpoint.

Here are some brief examples of typical catastrophic injuries arising from accidents

Traumatic Brain Injury

Involves injuries to the brain that results in cognitive decline, assessed by a medical professional on a scale known as the “Glasgow Coma Scale”.

Burns and Scar Injury

Victims who have suffered extensive burns and scars may have considerable cosmetic and rehabilitation costs as well as long term traumas.

Traumatic Injuries to Children

Special categories under the SABS allow for additional compensation and longer terms of care awarded for children under 18 who have been traumatically injured.

Fractures or Broken Bone Injury

Fractures and broken bones of high frequency and severity may qualify.

Back, Spinal Cord, and Vertebrae Injuries

Some of the most traumatic and difficult for medical science to deal with, and can result in permeant and lifelong injuries requiring care and rehabilitation.

Amputation and Disfigurement Injury

Injuries that result in the amputation and loss of limbs or other bodily organs.

Paraplegic, Quadriplegic and Paralysis Injury

Impairments that lead to permanent or long term losses of motor function and the ability to walk.

Wrongful Death and Fatal Accidents

In certain situations, the loss of life may merit additional claims under wrongful death lawsuits.

The team at Grillo Law is well prepared to seek out medical opinions and expertise for our clients who have been involved in catastrophic accidents, in order to determine if we can proceed under a “catastrophic injury” claim.
Over our 30 years of experience in the field, we have developed invaluable networks that can truly benefit our clients in their fight for their rights.

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