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Personal Injury Lawyers

Car Accident? Slip & Fall? Personal Injury?

Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers in Newmarket

Grillo Barristers Best Business 2018

Grillo Barristers is a specialized personal injury law firm with offices throughout Ontario including Newmarket.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one because of an accident caused by another person’s negligent actions, talk to one of our lawyers. It is within your legal rights to be compensated if you have been hurt or inconvenienced by an at-fault party.

Over the years, we have earned a strong reputation in Newmarket for getting successful outcomes, one case at a time.

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12:30 28 Sep 18
The Matthew Jeffery Law Firm proved to me that they are the best out there when it comes to immigration cases which require attention, guidance and more importantly success!! The firm has helped me with the complex immigration manner of my mother. If you want a Law Firm, whose staff who are knowledgeable, very good at what they do, truly care about the outcome of the case, trustworthy and present when u need help and assistance…then I recommend u to proceed with this Law Firm!!
Ryan Keeney
Ryan Keeney
19:43 09 Aug 18
My wife was denied re-entry into Canada (she's American). When we were devastated and in need of help, Matthew and Rolando took great care of us and brought my wife back to Canada through a successful spousal sponsorship application. After we gave his team all the documents they needed, we were reunited after just five months! (the government told us to expect 12 months). If you need an immigration lawyer, I would highly recommend Matthew's law firm.
Gengen Cai
Gengen Cai
22:57 04 Apr 18
Matthew Jeffery and the teams are very professional, trustful and kind! They helped me to keep my PR status so I can stay with my family in Canada. My hearing was failed with the other lawyer and I was faced to leave Canada. But I was very lucky that I found Mr Jeffery at last, and he helped my family united in Canada! I will definitely recommend Mr Jeffery to my friends for their immigration factor if they need!
Zafar Osman
Zafar Osman
17:18 12 Nov 17
I retained Matthew Jeffery's office and Rolando Monforte handled my case of getting PR Card. Rolando is very experienced, professional and capable to handle my case. I was in hurry to get the PR Card to go out of Canada to see my sick family member and I explained Rolando and he asked me to give few documents, accordingly submitted all the necessary papers to Rolando. He prepared the PR application form and submitted to the Canadian immigration office and I was really surprised to get my PR card in 7 days after received of application form by immigration office. It was super fast. Thanks to Rolando and his team and also thanks to Matthew. I will definitely take their service in future if I needed.
Logix Mobility
Logix Mobility
03:39 13 May 18
I recommend his services for any immigration related matters. Thanks Mathew
Justin U
Justin U
22:31 24 Aug 17
I was totally in a mental disarray when I got a notice from immigration regarding my application that was approved over 10 years ago. As expected I panicked and decided to seek professional opinions from immigration lawyers. I must have consulted at least 3 to 4 lawyers before consulting with Jeffrey. Prior to meeting Jeffery all the immigration lawyers were all excessively upbeat about my case and promised me a good outcome but I saw through all of them and knew all they wanted was my money and nothing else; with Jeffery it was different, he told me as it is without sugar coating anything at first I felt immensely taken aback, perplexed and worried. When I went home and thought about what he said, it all made sense and I knew the pros and cons to my case and appreciated the sincerity he laid out. I later hired him and did I make the right decision. My charges were dropped. Hallelujah!!! Trust me nothing is more mentally disrupting and emotionally discombobulating than having to deal with immigration especially, if you have settled in nicely with your family and have accepted the country as home.
Eve Lime
Eve Lime
18:14 11 Aug 17
Please, for your best interest, if you have any immigration questions, issues or problems do not think twice to contact Matthew Jeffery Barrister and Solicitor office. I highly recommend them; the whole team is kind, professional and efficient.Especially I cannot express enough my gratitude and my appreciation for Mr Matthew Jeffery. Thanks to his skills, my family got a protected status and the possibility to have a permanent residence.Mr Jeffery himself treated our case. He was very supportive, attentive to detail, a good listener, comprehensive and very professional in preparing our case for the hearing.He took care to do an outstanding job in helping us through the whole process with the claim forms, the narrative, the translating of newspapers articles and the country context.On the behalf of my family we are forever thankful for everything.
Bill Loewen
Bill Loewen
17:41 30 Mar 17
My wife and I decided to hire 'Matthew Jefferey Law Firm' to do our spousal sponsorship. I had initial questions about the process before deciding to hire this firm which were answered willingly. I was impressed and decided to stick with them. We were assigned Rolando Monforte to assist with our application. Right from the start Rolando proved to be knowledgeable and very encouraging. He responded to all questions we had very fast and provided very detailed instructions on how to complete the next step of the application. Regardless of how minor or insignificant our question seemed to us he always responded promptly and with courtesy. Rolando pays very close attention to detail we found when he was reviewing our documents and found every minor mistake we had made which is extremely important with this type of application. It was reassuring to know that he was reviewing every last detail. When it comes to family matters such as these it can be a very stressful process as it is of the highest importance, but Rolando made us feel confident throughout the process as he is very professional at what he does. We ended up completing the process in just 4 short months after about 2 months to submit the application (about 6 months total) without any issues. I would highly recommend hiring this firm. Thank you Rolando for all your hard work and dedication!
Joy T.
Joy T.
01:29 05 Apr 17
I would like to say thank you to the Office of Matthew Jeffery for their help in processing my sponsorship application. Right from the start when we entrust our application to you, you have provided us with clear insights of what to expect. Rolando Manforte, i couldn't thank you enough for being there every step of the way: for your continuous reminders and support to us as well as your patience during our entire process. We truly appreciate how deeply involved you are with the service that you have given us and for always being there for us when we need your help. We really appreciate all the help you have given us and we do know that there will be more families out there that you'll be able to help get united.We highly recommend Office of Matthew Jeffery. We are just one of the many who have been very grateful to have chosen their firm to represent us. Thank you once again!
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Reliable Personal Injury Lawyers in Newmarket

Our lawyers are committed to helping you get the legal advice you need. We pay personal attention to each and every client and aggressively fight to ensure you get maximum compensation for your injuries. Whether you have sustained physical injuries or financial losses, our lawyers are ready to listen to your situation and provide the best possible legal advice.

Our Practice Areas:

Personal injury cases need to be thoroughly evaluated in order to offer sound legal advice. Our lawyers take time to discuss your case and understand your chances of success. Whether you’ve been involved in a car accident or used a defective product from a local manufacturer, our lawyers can assist. We handle different forms of personal injury cases including:

Long-term Disability Insurance

Your long-term disability insurance is supposed to cover you in the event that you get injured and sick and can’t work. But you may be denied your disability insurance benefits unfairly. Our lawyers have experience handling all disability insurance matters including being denied disability income.
We can appeal and present your matter in court to ensure you get the justice you deserve.

If you feel like your insurance company hasn’t given you full or fair benefits, talk to our lawyers today to find out what is your next course of action. We have years of experience handling insurance disability disputes and understand the law and legal strategy and foresight required to take on your disability insurer in Court. We will work with you to ensure your insurer reinstates your benefits or provides you with the best possible settlement outcome.

Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injures can change your life forever. The injury may lead to a long-term medical problem, disability or a huge financial burden. You should not be expected to cater for the expenses related to the injury. Our personal injury lawyers will ensure you get compensated to cover the cost of rehabilitation, care, treatment, and other expenses, while we aggressively prosecute your claims.

Automobile Accident Cases

Car accidents occur all the time. People can suffer serious and chronic injuries and face permanent disabilities because of inattentive, negligent and reckless drivers. You or your family do not have to suffer because of someone’s negligent actions. You can call our car accident lawyers to handle the legal aspects of your case as you focus on your recovery.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Serious slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere and if you think that another party was at fault, you are entitled to receive money as compensation. We have the expertise to handle complex slip and fall cases where it’s hard to prove another’s negligence. We encourage you to take prompt action to protect your rights if you have been hurt in a slip and fall accident.

Insurance Disputes

Our lawyers have extensive skill and experience in filing and preparing insurance claims. Insurance companies are in the business of making money so they often want to give you a payout that is bare minimal on claims. For you to get the benefits that you deserve for your injuries, enlist the services of a qualified personal injury lawyer. We can represent you throughout the stages of the litigation process and ensure you get a complete and fair compensation you deserve.

Product Liability Claims

Have you sustained injuries after using a product that is deficient or dangerous? Manufacturers are required to take all necessary steps to protect the consumers of products from any form of harm. If the product has inherent risks, it should have adequate safeguards to prevent injury. We are experts in product liability claims and represent clients who have suffered serious injuries because of a manufacturer’s negligence.

Wrongful Death Cases

Losing a loved one is a very difficult experience anyone can ever go through. No amount of money can make up for this devastating loss. However, if someone was to blame for the death, there is no shame in pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit, which helps you to secure financial compensation for the loss of care, guidance and companionship, along with losses of income and expenses. We have assisted hundreads of families recover compensation for the loss of a loved in in a fatal accident.

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We offer a free consultation for all our personal injury clients. We handle cases on a contingency basis. You don’t pay anything unless we recover financial compensation for you. Call us today if you need help with your personal injury case.

Are you looking for sound legal advice or someone to help you understand your rights after sustaining injuries due to third-party negligence? We’re here to help. At Grillo Barristers, we have earned a strong reputation among accident victims injured in Newmarket for the following reasons.

Our Experience

Grillo Barristers has been handling different types of personal injury claims for more than 30 years. From catastrophic injuries, wrongful deaths and serious car accidents to slip and fall cases and product liability caims, we’ve successfully prosecuted over 20000 claims before in Ontario. We take pride in offering an unmatched legal service each time. We know personal injury victims experience serious difficulties and need someone to not only walk them through their legal rights but also offer support at every stage of the litigation. Our legal experts are very passionate about fighting for the rights of victims and hence will handle each case with the attention it deserves.

Our Resources and Dedication

Grillo Barristers is a highly respected and renowned firm serving Newmarket. Part of the reason why many communities have trusted our legal experts in all matters personal injury is because we’ve invested in an extensive network and resources needed to help us succeed. We’ve worked with the best experts in Newmarket including surgeons, pain and trauma specialists, rehabilitation experts and physical therapists. We know that these professionals play a key role in helping our clients rehabilitate and to help secure a fairer settlement; that’s why we utilize all our resources and networks to ensure the success of each claim. As soon as you choose to partner with us, rest assured that we’ll have your back.

With Grillo Barristers, you never have to worry about having a prepared team to handle your case at any point. The advantage of working with an established law firm is that you enjoy the financial, time, and legal resources that are made available to every individual case.

Expect to find a team of lawyers who are not only good at handling personal injury claims but also very passionate about what they do. We stand out from many law firms serving Newmarket simply because our staff is very dedicated to what they do. We don’t just boast of being able to come up with the best legal arguments to support your claim, we address each client’s needs uniquely and strive to resolve each claim in their favour.

If you or someone you know has sustained injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence, do not hesitate to contact Grillo Barristers for a free consultation +1(855)CALL-SALL (+1 855-225-5725).

We are a leading personal injury law firm, ready to serve your unique needs.

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Remember, you will not pay any fee until your case is won or settled.

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