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What to do if you are involved in a Car Accident in Hamilton

Unforutnaly, every year, thousands of Innocent drivers, passengers and pedestrians are injured as a result of the careless and reckless conduct of another driver. As an example, the Global News carried a recent story of Hamilton street racers who had caused the death of a woman on the 14th of June 2018. According to the report, two vehicles described by witnesses as a silver Mercedes C350 and a white 4-D sedan were racing when the Mercedes struck a Toyota Yaris as it exited a private driveway, killing the female driver.

If you find yourself in a car crash scene, it is important that you know what to do. This guide will help you through the general steps that you will need to deal with so you are prepared should you ever find yourself in an accident.


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In the Immediate Aftermath

Once an accident happens, come to a complete stop. Turn on your hazards and get out of the car. Getting out of the car is important because it helps you assess if there is danger from oncoming vehicles or fire. Please ensure it is safe to exit your vehicle. If you are involved in an accident on a busy and dangerous stretch of road, it may be safer to stay in your car and wait for authorities and police.

Check for injuries, both on yourself and the other driver and/or passengers. If anyone has sustained serious injuries, the law requires that you call the police.

Check for damage on all the vehicles involved. If the total damage exceeds $2,000, the law requires that you report to the police. Note that you are also required to report to the police if there is damage to a government vehicle or if there is damage to private or municipal property.

Gather Evidence

It is important you take as much evidence as possible before the scene is cleared. If you have a phone or a camera, take pictures of injuries, visible damage to vehicles, the license plates of the vehicles involved, and of the drivers involved.

Ask for the name of the other driver, his/her address, the license number and insurance information of all involved drivers, and contact information of anyone who witnessed the accident.

Report the accident

If the accident resulted in serious injuries or damage in excess of $2,000, call the police or report to a Collision  Report Centre. The police will visit the scene of the accident, ticket the offending driver, gather evidence, and facilitate the clearing of the accident scene.

The law also requires that you report the accident to your insurance agency. Do not wait more than 7 days or the insurance company might not have to honour the claim.

You should also report to your car accident lawyer who is able handle your claim in Hamilton. At Grillo Law, we will assist you in the entire claim processes, including gathering evidence, getting potential witnesses, filing relevant paperwork, representing you when your insurance contacts you, and going to court if necessary.

Look Out for Scams

You should be alert to the fact that after the course of a collision, some people may attempt to scam you. Some of the most common scams that you should be on the lookout for are:

  • Staged accidents: In these scams, a con artist deliberately causes a collision in such a way that it looks like the accident was your fault. They usually do this by asking you to pass when they have right of way and then cut in to cause a collision and slamming on the brakes when driving in front of you so you rear-end them.
  • Referral scams: These scams involve the con artist acting as a helpful bystander, but they try to pressure you to give personal information or to go to a particular lawyer or repair shop. Be on the lookout for fake Samaritans and other drivers giving unsolicited advice.
  • Fake injuries and victims: These scans involve the con artist faking injuries to get a bigger payout or filing a claim that they were injured in the collision even when they were not present.

Repair your Vehicle

If the vehicle is not a write-off, you should then repair it. Ask your insurance company for its preferred repair shops. Note that the insurance company has an obligation to return the vehicle back into the condition it was in before the accident.

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