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Whom to Call after a London Car Accident

After being involved in a serious car accident in London, Ontario, the first thing you should do is get out of harm’s way and ensure police are contacted to investigate the accident at the scene. Before you start collecting evidence, there are a few calls you should make.


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Collision Reporting Centre

Not all car accidents need to be reported to the police. You do not need to call the police if there has been no injury and if the damage to both vehicles is less than $2,000. You should contact the nearest Collision Reporting Centre:

  • If police were not able to attend and someone has been injured
  • If a government vehicle has been involved in the accident
  • If there is damage to public or private property
  • If a pedestrian or a bicyclist has been involved in the accident
  • If the driver is unlicensed or uninsured
  • If a crime has been committed (such as in a suspected DUI case)

Note that even if the accident does not meet these requirements and you do not have to wait for the police to arrive, it is still a good idea to report to the Collision Reporting Centre.

The police will carry out investigations and gather evidence to be used in the claim and in Provincial Offences (Highway Traffic Court) and in criminal proceedings in case a crime is committed. Get the name and badge number of the investigating officer since most insurance companies require this when you file a claim.

If you are from outside London and you do not know where the nearest Collision Reporting Centre is, call the local police department and you will be directed. If there are no Collision Reporting Centres nearby, you could always take your car to the local police department for the damage to be photographed and to get assistance filing a police report.

Emergency Services

If anyone has sustained serious injuries, as a precaution, emergency services should be contacted. If after an accident, you notice a worsening condition, you should immediately follow up with your doctor and attend the nearest emergency department.

Loved Ones

It is a good idea to call your loved ones for support to help you with your ride home and deal with the aftermath of the accident. It is particularly important you call your loved ones if you have been injured since they will safeguard your belongings while you are getting emergency medical care and they can take photos from the accident scene and gather and preserve evidence on your behalf. It might also be wise to contact your employer if you sustained serious injuries and are unable to attend work. Your employer will also need to complete necessary forms and provide supporting documents to your auto insurer within a set timeline to ensure your auto insurer approves your benefits and pays you income replacement benefits while you remain off work following an accident.


You should immediately call your car accident lawyer who can handle your claim in London. Your lawyer will assist you to determine the evidence you need to gather and will assist you in filing your claim. At Grillo Law, we even assist you to get accident benefits from Ontario’s MVACF (Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund) if the other driver leaves the scene before you get his/her insurance information or in case the other driver is uninsured.

In case you are injured, call a personal injury lawyer who handles claims in London to start your claims process and help you seek compensation for your injuries, suffering and losses from the other driver’s insurance company. This is a complex process that should be started as quickly as possible.

Towing Company and Vehicle Repair Shop

Your insurer will most likely give you tips on the towing company and vehicle repair shop to use. Most insurance policies have towing insurance coverage, which covers towing charges. The insurer is obligated to fully repair your vehicle and return your vehicle to the condition it was before the accident.

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