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Cycling in Toronto Roads – What are Your Chances of Arriving Safe?

Dec 5, 2019 | Bicycle Accidents, Initial Consultation

Lawyer Zachary Goncalves

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A helmet plays an integral role in keeping bicycle riders and motorcycle riders safe and minimizing instances of injuries in an accident. According to Ontario law, all motorcycle operators and their passengers must wear helmets. This law does not extend to include bicycle riders. However, all bicycle riders younger than 18 years are required by law to wear a helmet.

Cycling in Toronto Roads – What are Your Chances of Arriving Safe?

Trust me. You cannot risk cycling in Toronto without a helmet. Riding a bicycle in Toronto city streets can be very dangerous. The law in Ontario requires every rider below 18 years old to wear a helmet. Recent studies in the United States show that wearing a helmet while involved in an accident increases your survival rate by up to 70%.

The choice of what type of helmet to wear may not be that significant. Whether you put on a cheap or expensive helmet, you still stand a better chance of surviving if involved in an accident. Every helmet, regardless of its price, offers a greater level of protection to every cyclist on the road.

The traffic laws in Canada classify riders as road users that must share the road with others. In Ontario, a bicycle is considered a vehicle. According to the Highway Traffic Act, every cyclist must observe all applicable traffic laws. Drivers and cyclists have similar responsibilities and rights while using the road. Also, no cyclist is allowed to carry passengers while on the road. Children must always wear a helmet while riding on Ontario roads.

Deaths caused by cyclists involved in auto accidents have been on the rise. Alarmingly, a greater number of cyclists are involved in severe road accidents in Toronto with each passing year. Statistics in Canada indicate that there are more than 7,500 cyclist accidents recorded every year. In most cases, cyclists are involved in crashes during the rush hour when drivers are in haste to reach their destination.

According to the director of Cycle Toronto, Jared Kolb, there are more cyclists on Canadian roads and more collisions reported every year. Statistics also show that there are few cyclist collisions in provinces investing in separate bike lanes. These provinces record the highest number of cyclists using the roads, as more people prefer riding within the bike lanes.

In most cases, car drivers blame bike riders if they are involved in a collision. According to the statistics in Toronto, this is not always the case. Most cyclist collisions happen when drivers ignore the road signs or try to enter an intersection without observing the red lights. The second reason is drivers overtaking a cyclist improperly. The third reason is drivers recklessly opening doors, and striking oncoming cyclists while parked by the curb. In the study, it is established that cyclists contribute to a mere 10% of all collisions on the roads.

It is essential to observe all the road signs and regulations to ensure you are safe while using the roads. As a cyclist using Toronto roads, you must always keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front.