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If you were injured in a motor vehicle crash in Ontario, you may be eligible for accident benefits through your auto insurance policy. Suppose you don’t have an insurance policy – for example, you’re a pedestrian struck by a vehicle. In that case, you would have insurance coverage through the vehicle owner’s insurance policy.

When you file a claim, different factors come into play to assess the value of your claim and the benefits available to you. The insurance provider will request you to provide proof of your injuries, detailed progression, and the status of your injury. That’s why you must complete and submit an OCF-3 to qualify for the benefits you are entitled to. Be sure to retain a personal injury lawyer to help you. The personal injury lawyer Toronto will ensure your OCF forms are completed correctly and submitted.

The amount of the accident benefits you’re eligible for will be determined based on the severity of your injury, the financial cost you incurred because of that injury, and other relevant factors. For example, if your injuries can cause temporary or permanent disability, you must complete and submit an OCF-3 form – also known as a Disability Certificate. Remember, your right to certain benefits partly depends on the information included in this form.

What’s the OCF-3 Disability Certificate?

This form is part of the proof you must provide to the insurance company that shows you suffered a disability due to an accident. The insurance provider will often turn to the OCF-3 to help determine whether you are entitled to ongoing accident benefits. The more accurate the information on your forms, the higher the chances you will get the financial help you need to support your recovery.

This document is strong support for your claim. Once filed, the insurance provider may rely on this form at certain points throughout the claim process. You’ll need to complete part of the form, and your healthcare provider will fill out the remaining part. This care provider may be a dentist, chiropractor, physician, nurse, physiotherapist, optometrist, occupational therapist, or any other healthcare professional.

Tips to Complete the Disability Certificate OCF-3

Auto insurance companies in Ontario use the information in the disability certificate to determine entitlement to an accident victim. This information is also helpful in determining the payments of specific accident benefits such as non-earner benefits and Income Replacement Benefits. Here are tips for completing the disability certificate successfully.

Don’t Miss the Application Deadline

You must act quickly when seeking accident benefits in Ontario. Alert your insurance policy provider to the incident (that caused your injuries) within seven days of occurrence. After this notification, you have 30 days to complete and submit all paperwork related to your claim. Your accident benefits may be delayed if you don’t adhere to the set deadlines.

Keep in mind that your healthcare provider can’t complete the OCF-3 earlier than ten business days from the day you submit an initial application. This information is found in the second paragraph (at the top of your OCF-3 form). That means you must wait for ten days before submitting this form. Also, you should provide a new OCF-3 within 15 working days if your insurance provider requests a new OCF-3 form.

Complete the Specified Sections Consistently

You’re required to complete the first three sections of the 4-page form. These include:

  • Details of the accident
  • Insurance provider’s name
  • Policyholder details

Just like your application for accident benefits (OCF-1), the third part of the Disability Certificate asks you to give a description of the accident. It’s crucial that this description is consistent with the details you provided in your OCF-1. If you recount the accident inconsistently, the insurer’s lawyers may compare the information in your forms and identify all significant distinctions.

While you (the claimant) complete and sign the first part of your disability certificate, your health provider is responsible for completing the remaining part. It’s important that the medical expert completing the form lists every injury in Part 5 of your Disability Certificate. Sometimes these forms are completed by a specialist like a chiropractor who focuses on the specific injuries that concern them.

The insurance company’s defence lawyers may capitalize on such omissions from your form. So encourage the healthcare provider to fill out the form to list all injuries you suffered, including any potential brain injuries. A family physician may be most qualified to fill in your Disability Certificate, but they may not because of the time constraint.

If you suffered a concussion, it is important to reference it. Otherwise, the concussion omission of this reference may lead to a suggestion (by the insurer’s lawyer) that the injury wasn’t present from the start. The insurer will use the information in your Disability Certificate to assess if the injuries you sustained fall under the Minor Injury Guideline, where only moderate accident benefits would be obtainable.

If you suffered severe injuries, then you should list them under the higher non-catastrophic injuries category from the start. This way, you can obtain enhanced benefits. Considering you may not be an expert healthcare practitioner or lawyer, it’s best to consult the right specialists to help you complete the forms. The specialist must provide details such as the onset of your injury (or symptoms), medication, pre-existing condition, and other relevant details.

Understand What You’re Consenting to Before You Sign

Once you have completed your Disability Certificate paperwork, you are required to sign Part 4 of the OCF-3, which gives certain rights to your insurance provider and some medical experts. You shouldn’t sign the forms until your healthcare provider has completed the form and explained your health diagnosis.

Once the forms are completed and signed, you should print them neatly, ensuring no information is left out. Also, ensure there are no inconsistencies or inaccuracies before you submit the documents. It is in your best interest to consult an experienced healthcare provider to provide a detailed description of your injuries.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a lawyer in this process. They can help you keep your accident description and other parts of your Disability Certificate documents accurate and consistent.

Answer the Weekly Benefit Questions Carefully

Part 6 of your Disability Certificate will ask questions about your ability to work and if you sustained a “complete inability to live a normal life.” The insurance company will rely on your answers to these questions to decide their obligation to pay weekly accident benefits such as non-earner benefits or Income Replacement Benefits.

There will be questions about how long you may be unable to work. The insurance company (or their lawyer) may be astonished if you cannot work for a longer time than originally stated in your Disability Certificate documents. That’s why, where appropriate, it’s best that your healthcare provider states “more than 12 weeks” in terms of the possibility of when you are likely to resume work. The specialist must also explain that it’s unclear how your health is likely to evolve – indicate that additional review is necessary before you resume work.

Additionally, there’s a question based on your status as of the day your forms are being completed. If you are immobile, then the healthcare provider must confirm your condition at that time that you have suffered a total inability to lead a normal life. Answering “yes” to that specific question potentially qualifies you (the unemployed claimant) for non-earner accident benefits, often payable at $185 weekly.


The OCF-3 is the most important document you will have to complete. So, when filling out the details of your accident, it’s recommended to seek legal counsel. Remember, Ontario has no-fault insurance – that means you may be entitled to certain accident benefits even if you were at fault for the vehicle accident that caused your injuries. An experienced lawyer can help you complete your forms accurately to maximize the amount of benefits you are legally entitled to.

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