Injuries from Escalator and Elevator accidents

Apr 13, 2018 | Legal Articles

Alexander Lee

Personal Injury Lawyer

We often take for granted the degree of precision and care that is required to keep commonly used machines, such as escalators and elevators, in working order. Likewise, because they are ubiquitous, we often dismiss the potential dangers that these machines pose when they are operating incorrectly.

Mechanical failures

Injuries from Escalator and Elevator accidentsMechanical failures will often cause serious injuries and may entitle you to compensation. As outlined in our section regarding occupiers’ liability, the responsibility for a malfunctioning escalator or elevator will often fall upon the landlord or owner of the building.

Accidents that occur on escalators or elevators can arise through the improper installation of moving parts, lack of proper maintenance, mechanical failure, or unexpected erratic movements. In such cases, injuries can range from scrapes and bruises to fractures, broken bones, or concussions. It is also common that victims suffer damage to clothing or personal belongings, which can be recovered in a legal action.

What must the plaintiff prove?

To be successful, it must be proven that the owner, occupier, or maintenance contractor failed to act reasonably and that their negligence caused injury to the plaintiff. It is also important to be aware that the actions (or omissions) of the plaintiff themselves could have contributed to the cause or severity of the injury – a concept known as “contributory negligence”. Each scenario must be assessed carefully and thoroughly as the facts of each case are unique.

The legal issues involved in these cases can be complex. As such, we believe it is highly advantageous to seek out legal expertise from the onset. At Grillo Barristers P.C. our experience in dealing with the such cases will be invaluable to you, and can help you get the compensation you rightly deserve.