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Slip and Fall Settlements in Ontario

Dec 22, 2017 | Legal Articles, Slip and Fall Claims

Moussa Sabzehghabaei

Personal Injury Lawyer

Many clients often ask us about slip and fall settlements in Ontario. How do they work? What do I, the client, have to prove? What are some case law examples of settlement amounts? Here at Grillo Law we hope that the following article can help shed some light on these questions.

Slip and Fall Settlements in Ontario
Claims often settle without the need to go to trial. Your potential success in reaching a justified and fair settlement will depend on a number of factors, including the facts at hand, prior case law, the competency of your legal team, and how well documented your evidentiary record (of the accident) is. For some tips on what to do after a slip and fall accident, see our article here.

It is also imperative that you speak to a legal professional as soon as possible, for several reasons. First, you want to ensure the at-fault parties are placed on notice so that evidence is preserved. Second, you must ensure that your legal claim is filed promptly and properly before the end of the statute of limitations. Third, by speaking with a lawyer we can analyze your case on the facts and compare with other like cases to develop a settlement strategy. Finally, with the advice from our partners in the insurance and medical industries, we can get reasonable estimates of future care and rehabilitation costs, as well as assigning values on pain and suffering.

For a more comprehensive survey of the damages awarded in personal injury cases, please speak to a lawyer. At Grillo Law we have access to a compendium of damages awarded in such cases and can help analyze and compare your cases with historical settlement payouts based on the type of injury and type of accident.

As always, our informational blogs should not be taken as a replacement for legal advice. If you have any questions or feel that you might have a case, do not hesitate to call us today! Here at Grillo Law we have over 30 years of experience dealing with slip and fall cases such as yours. Getting professional legal advice will help you focus on your recovery and protect your rights. Call Now!